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"Shims are BAD Engineering."... --Jim Miller

Exclusive MILLER TWIN RIB™ "In-Line" Grain BILLET 7150-T6 Aluminum Rocker Bodies & Aircraft Grade 7075-T6 Stands; 8620 Precision Ground Shafts & Grade 8 Cap Screws w/Rolled Threads & Jim Miller/ARP Fasteners.

Racer Net $946 & Up. Offsets to .550". Custom designs Available.



1. PRO-STAND™ rocker arms are designed to Jim Miller’s MID-LIFT® Geometry from the principles of precision rocker arm engineering he developed in 1973 and Patented in 1982; which was later endorsed by both Chevrolet and Chrysler’s racing engineers. No other company can claim this.

2. The rocker bodies are fully CNC machined (on 100% of all surfaces) by MEI’s 4-Axis Kitamura high speed machining centers, from a solid block of Alcoa’s proprietary 7150 alloy; the same material used to make the Boeing 777! This technique allows the molecular grain to run "lengthwise" with the rocker body, making fatigue resistance 6 times higher than the "cross-grain silhouette extrusions" used by the other two #1 "shaft" rocker manufacturers.

3. Twin-rib rocker beam with ball mill lightening, and drip down oiling are but only two design features first introduced by Jim Miller in 1980, that continue to this day, providing the greatest strength flowing up from the load points imposed over the 8620 precision ground roller pin and honed roller tip, while yielding the lightest in moment-of-inertia dynamics. Full compliment Universal Bearings, Torrington Thrust washers and MEI’s 7/16-20 Form Rolled J-Thread Adjusters and 12-Point nuts finish out the ultimate combination of engineering, materials and workmanship available.

4. The full length STANDS are made from solid billet 7075-T6 bar stock, precision machined to specific head applications; using high strength precision formed, Rolled J-Threads to retain the shafts.

Each PRO-STAND system is Serial Numbered and traceable for all specification records.

5. ARP/Jim Miller 7/16" 12-Point Crown Mounting Bolts secure the stands to the heads with shallow counterbores for maximum material; while rocker shafts are secured by Grade-8 cap screws.

6. MEI ROCKER SHAFTS are made from 8620 aircraft grade steel, fully machined on MEI’s state-of-the-art 5-Axis CNC Mori-Seiki bar feed turning center, then precision centerless ground finished.

NOTE: We DO NOT endorse the use of "shims." Shims are BAD ENGINEERING, and we strongly recommend against them. Miller PRO-STAND™ systems are provided with a SURPLUS of material which requires the bottom of the stands to be cut for proper Installed Geometry by the engine builder. Removing anywhere from .100" to .300" may be needed, but most applications are closer to .200". The exact amount will depend on your engine’s particular combination.


The MEI PRO-STAND Series Rocker Systems are elevated up to the 7150-T6 aluminum alloy. The stands are one piece, solid bar stock 7075-T6. Why? The threads are Form ROLLED J-Threads, not tap cut like other systems. These take direct torque cap screws, just like aluminum connecting rods. Jim Miller's ARP mounting bolts secure the stands to the heads. The rockers have .031" Torrington Thrust Washers, and the bearings are Universal's FULL COMPLIMENT (side by side rollers) Needle Bearings. The rocker body is a traditional MEI innovation, in providing reference planes (Patent Pending) for setting installed geometry. Center drilled drip down oiling, introduced by Miller in 1983 (and copied by others), lies between the same "twin-rib" rocker beams used on the expensive MEI PRO-SHAFT® rocker systems. There are no short cuts on this system. It is far stronger and lighter than the "block of metal" designs sold by the most advertised shaft rocker manufacturers. They overcharge for 'basic," then charge extra for each option that should be standard.

Don't get "the shaft." Get THE STAND! (Trunnions are "shafts" too!) MEI Precision STAND systems: The best engineering, the best materials, and the best innovation from THE company who developed and defined Precision Geometry!. The MEI/PVS product group not only sells the best for the least, but we give you the tools and knowledge to do it right, the first time! NO OTHER COMPANY TEACHES GEOMETRY LIKE MEI.



"0" (Straight)

.150" L&R

.300" L&R

.450" L&R

.550" L&R

Billet machining & Universal's Full Compliment needle bearings (2) fit 9/16" Dia. 8620 Ground Shafts.

NOTE: .450 & .550 Offset rockers have 3 bearings


The Standard By Which All Is Measured! (tm)

"MID-LIFT" & "PRO-SHAFT" are ® Registered Trademarks of MILLER ENGINEERING INC; Copyright © MMIII--MMXVI JM Miller